$GLGI- another quarter down

Value investors usually buy stocks that, for one reason or another, have something “wrong” with them. That “issue” is often what makes them so cheap. But sometimes the market is right and the thing that is “wrong” is a truly big issue and the stock is “cheap for a reason.” It’s easy for a value investor to buy a stock all the way down that is fundamentally flawed for a reason they identified and brushed off at their first purchase, even though the issue becomes more and more apparent as time passes.

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Where have I been buying?

With the recent pullback hitting small cap stocks especially hard, I thought I’d do a post on where I’m seeing the best values. Now, a lot of people like to do posts on what their “best ideas” are, but I personally think that the best ideas are places where an investor is actually putting cash to work and currently buying. With that in mind, here are a few positions I’ve been adding to over the past few weeks. Continue reading